Born and raised in the rural eastern plains of Colorado, Chauncy Crandall developed his love for music through attending the local church and participating in family sing-alongs. His songwriting is influenced by old church hymns and his parents record collection which included artists such as Marty Robbins, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Hank Williams. Crandall’s style is a synthesis of Americana, gospel, and Roots-Rock infused with modern sentiments.  

Crandall cultivated a loyal following with the release of his first record, “Every Song is About You,” in 2012. The positive reception of this first album led him to assemble a small band with which he entered the studio in 2014 to record his follow-up. Released in 2014, “Breakdown” was also met with critical acclaim, winning the Colorado Springs Indy Music Award for Album of the Year and earning him invitations to a number of regional music festivals. Crandall currently resides in Florida, where he plays regularly, continuing to expand his base of loyal listeners with a sound that Bill Forman of the Colorado Springs Independent describes as “disarmingly poetic.”

“Our universal desire to learn and share is the inspiration and driving force behind Daily News. Acknowledging the potential that’s created by just opening up is an act in itself, but the realization that I can instill change and solve problems through my melodies and lyrics changes my outlook entirely. Daily News is about ordinary people experiencing extraordinary lives, trading comfort for prosperity, and searching for truth, not a “paid for” suggestion. That’s the most important story I can tell."

 — Chauncy Crandall on his upcoming album, Daily News

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